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A friend asked recommendations for a no frills handheld GPS, for rural use rather than nivigation.

I have a Garmin GPS60. It’s simple, rugged and very accurate. It has a USB computer connection, so you can easily upload and download data to the computer.


Friend of mine has started up a business installing solar photo-voltaic power systems. Here is the Web site.

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While we’re on the subject of obesity and science vs common knowledge, here are a couple of studies that go against the grain.


Scientology is a dangerous cult which aims to maximise power and wealth for its
inner circle, with no concern for who it hurts on the way. Stay well clear —
it bites and the bite can be fatal.

Now THAT’s what you need to know about Scientology.

If you want the dirty details, start here.

Noam Chomsky is both a god in the linguistics field and a thought-provoking commentator on American politics.

A quick romp through US military history, Vietnam, Cuba, Russia, China, Iran; some speculation on how the US would behave if it were a democracy, a bit of Orwell. Classic Chomsky stuff.

But the key observation: we (the US) own the world, so of course whatever we do is right. Period.

All politicians have three reasons for doing anything.

  1. A politically correct, official, on-message reason for public consumption.
  2. A credible, honest-sounding, unofficial reason for off the record briefings.
  3. The real reason.

The only way to work out the real reason is to ignore what they say and watch what they do.