Don’t you just love high petrol prices?

The change in traffic patterns in my area is dramatic. The roads have unclogged; I can get where I want to go and not get stuck in endless traffic jams; there are noticeably less Toorak tanks on school duty. Wonderful!

Also they’ve just opened Eastlink and they’re widening the Monash so pretty soon those of us who don’t mind paying a bit more are going to have a much better driving experience. Not so good for those who have to give up some of their driving.

From what I read, the same is about to happen to flying. Prices will keep rising, the airlines will retire their older aircraft and will cut marginal routes and marginal flights, and will have to work hard to stay in business. Reduced traffic means fewer delays (especially Sydney). Lower demand means some reduction in loading — fewer flights absolutely full, although they will tend to cancel flights that are not full enough. That means more empty seats and possibly better in-flight service. Again, not so good for those who have to fly less.

And it’s good for the planet too!